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Hafei Industry Co. Ltd. developed its core concept of integrity over more than half a century, accumulated extensive motive power for its continuous development, and made working hard our tradition.
Hafei Industry Co. Ltd., grew up together with the People’s Republic of China, and made its due contribution to the development of China Aviation Industry. By developing market and products in several decades, and made historical achivements in manufacturing metallurgrical equipment、auto parts、forgings and castings、large wind turbines and aviation products.

Harbin Hafei Industry Co., Ltd. (Here after write as “Hafei Industry” for short) is a state hi-tech enterprise which is located in the HaNan New Industry Town of Harbin. And it grew out of Harbin Electromechanical Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd., one of three major subsidiaries of Hafei Group.

Hafei Industry has formed a high-class aviation products manufacturing system in the past half a century, and made its due contributions to the development of aircraft of China. Since 1980, it has been doing the development of commercial products based on existing aviation equipment. It has been producing several series of excellent products which are famous in China such as the Metallurgic Steel Rolling Equipment, Medicinal Packing Equipment etc. In 2006, Hafei Industry started its independent operation as a modern group, and entered its new stage of development.

HaFei industry has 9 departments and more than 10 branches. It has more than 2000 employees including nearly 900 with schooling finished at colleges and above, and nearly 200 with medium and senior technical qualifications. It has over 1700 advantage units or sets of equipment such as CNC 5-Axis Machining Center,CNC Gantry Milling Machine, 3-Axis Tester, 8000 ton Hydraulic Press for producing and testing.

Hafei Industry‘s technical center is a Provincial Enterprise Technical Center. It has 4 R&D centers: aircraft products, steel rolling equipments, forgings and castings and wind turbines. Hafei Industry staffed with more than 200 professionals and equipped with sophisticated design means. They are have designed in the past years a large number of high performance products in series, and they have been granted a number of state patents.

Hafei Industry has got the certifications of quality and management system such as GB/T19001, GJB9001B, ISO/TS16949etc.; the certifications of national safety quality standardization GB/T24001, GB/T28001.
In recent years, Hafei Industry earned the honors by strong technology strength, perfect of management system and broad of development prospects. It won such title as "national hundreds of integrity operating model enterprise", and “Research cooperation innovation results Award of China ", and "expanded import and export advanced enterprise", "Harbin city excellent research consortium" ,” advanced research cooperation of Harbin ".and  the "Harbin City College graduates employment trainee base".

    Harbin Hafei Industry Co. Ltd.
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    Fax: 0451-86508858
    Postcode: 150066
    E-mail: [email protected]
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